Completion Marker in HTML5

Hi there

A client of mine is publishing a course on their platform which is web browser based only, no SCORM. Therefore we are publishing in HTML5 which is fine except we cannot figure out how to track it's completion. Is there a marker or a piece of javascript or something else available somewhere within the HTML5 output that their platform can check to mark as complete wihtin their platform?

Many thanks in advance


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Matthew Bibby

Hey Ben,

What platform are they using? Unless it supports SCORM, Tin Can API (xAPI), or AICC then I don't think it will be possible to do this using Storyline's default options.

That being said... most things are possible given enough time and attention. Happy to help you figure something out. 

Ben Hancock

Hi Matthew

Thank you for the note. The platform is something they have built themselves so there is scope to add functionality. That is why I wondered if there was something in the HTML output that indicated whether all slides had been seen, or something similar. I wonder if the values of the variables are stored somewhere within the HTML output files? If so I could create a variable in the course that the platform could pick up on?!?