Completion on default player exit button

Hi All,


I am using by default player of storyline 360 and want to close the course on exit button and also want to send completion status on the LMS at the same time, I am using javascript to send status and close the window but it is not working together. 

we can use complete course trigger but if we use that the course will not close on exit click.

can anyone suggest is it possible to do so.




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Phil Mayor

Do you know if the exit trigger on its own will work?

I presume you are using window.close(); to close the course? Sometimes this will not close in an LMS.

If the exit trigger works, then add a master layer to your slide master with the exit trigger set to fire on timeline start, then set a trigger on the master when a variable increments.

At the end of your complete javascript add a statement to increment an variable and send it back to storyline, that is presuming the ec=xit trigger works.