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Aug 16, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I have been trying to figure out how to change the state of a button located on a different slide to completed (this is a custom state I created). I have uploaded a ScreenR to show what I'm trying to completion. This is what I tried and it didn't work:

Created a variable set to false

Than created a slide trigger to set the variable to true when the learner completes an action on the slide.

On each of the other slides I created a slide trigger to change the state of the visited slide button to completed.

I want the learner to have the freedom to visit any part of the lesson they want, but know what they have visited when they click on a different part.

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Jamie Morgan

Hi Barb,

You'll need to add a variable at the end of each of your sections. I'll use Section 801.2 & 802.0 to illustrate.

1) At the end of Section 801.2, add a trigger to that slide that will adjust a variable (let's say Variable1) to True.

2) At the end of Section 802.0, add a trigger to that slide that will adjust a variable (let's say Variable2) to True.

3) On the slide(s) where the navigation buttons exist, you'll need to add triggers to the slide level that will change the state of each button to completed on the condition that the corresponding variable is equal to true. For example, change the state of Button 801.2 to completed when the timeline starts on the condition that Variable 1 is true. Repeat this logic for each button.

What will happen is that at the start of any slide that has your navigation buttons, it will pick up the variables that have been set to true and change your states on those buttons to completed.

Hope that makes sense.

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