Section completion

Jun 25, 2020


I have been working in Storyline 360 and trying to get the section button the change state to completed when the learner has viewed the last slide in a section. I set up a true/False variable for the last section slide and built the trigger to change the variable to true when timeline starts, and a trigger on the button to change the state to completed when the variable changes to true. When I test it nothing happens.

I have attached a copy of the practice slides I have created, can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

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Walt Hamilton

Section01Complete changes on the last slide of section 1, and the change is broadcast only to that slide. This slide can't hear any variables change that aren't changed by this slide.

Change the trigger to read "Change state of Button 1 to Completed when the timeline starts on this slide if Section01Complete = true"  Be sure to set the properties of this slide to return to initial state on revisit, so the timeline will start every time it is visited.

Sean Quinn


I was able to use your solution to Ian's question; however, resetting the slide causes the audio to repeat each time the learner returns to the four-option menu. Is there a setting to only play the audio during the initial visit?

I use "covers" over each menu option that I change to hidden once the audio completes.