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Feb 27, 2017

We have recently started to use Articulate 360 for our e learning materials and I have a question about the formats you can publish it in. I have published it as a PDF format via word which does show the layers for the slides but have been asked the following question by one of our team. Can anyone advise - thanks

For Captivate, the one they are uploading is the actual .swf file in the .pdf format…we also call it as a “.pdf animation” file. I am not sure if we can generate the .pdf animation file from Articulate 360 as well. It plays just like an .html version would play.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Linda!  Welcome to Heroes, and thanks for asking your question.

Storyline can publish to many multi-file formats, and your process of publishing to Word and then converting that document to PDF is the best way to get your course into that format.  If you'd like to see a single file publishing options like SWF and include the ability to export to a PDF, please let us know about your ideas!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Key Learning,

I found some documentation via this link:

ComplianceWire will support SCORM content. This is a separately licensed (purchased) feature that is enabled/disabled by company. Through the SCORM Course Hosting Service, companies can host SCORM content on our validated servers for purposes of launching, delivering and tracking through ComplianceWire. 

Hopefully, that helps and other ComplianceWire users will chime in to share their experience.

Brian Miller

I am currently having a problem with a very simple Articulate360 Storyline file not working in Compliance Wire. The course passed tests in the Rustici SCORM Cloud and did not work in our instance of Compliance Wire. We were told they they were not up-2-date with Rustici but that doesn't make sense. I loaded a simple, slide-based, no audio, no video SCORM 1.2 course. It should have worked and it no. It worked in multiple other LMSs but not in Compliance Wire. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Brian,

Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing, and great call to test your file in SCORM Cloud!

If the file is working in multiple LMSs except for Compliance Wire, I'd follow up with them to share your results and confirm the right specification is selected to report. Hopefully they'll be able to troubleshoot further on what you're seeing!

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