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Jan 24, 2017

I have a quiz question that I need to create that features 4 Buttons. They need to click one of the buttons 5 times before clicking a second button 5 times - in the correct order to get the answer correct. An example would be the arrow buttons on your keyboard. The user would need to push the up button 5 times and then the down arrow 5 times, then click the submit button. Is this possible to pull off in Storyline 2?

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Walt Hamilton

The key is that two objects must be selected for the answer to be correct. Variables count the clicks for the rectangle, and if it is clicked exactly 5 times, the rectangle off the slide (which is the key to it working) is set to selected.

Then I got lazy and just let the oval be clicked once to select it. If you want the oval to be clicked numerous times, it will need an off-slide object, a variable and triggers to count and reset the count of clicks.

Walt Hamilton

Change this trigger:


To this:


I would add this trigger:

If the user clicks 5 times, the front is selected. This deselects it if they click 6 times. And of course, you need one like it for Rectangle 3.

Which raises another problem. 6 fronts and 5 rears mean no answer is selected, and the user gets the message "You must select an answer." Since they clicked 11 times, it is understandable that they think they have answered. The solution is rectangle 5, whose initial state is Selected. That way there is always an answer, but it is correct only if Wrong, Front, and Rear are selected.



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