Conditional completion of a module/course

Sep 28, 2019


I have a course that's used for certification for some people, and general interest for others.

It includes one branching module containing separate scenes (with quizzes) on specific provinces or states, and cities within each.

For full certification, the user needs to:
1) select the scene for their state, and complete the content/quiz, then
2) select the scene for their city, and do the same (if there is applicable content for their city).

Only then may they complete the module and finish the course.

Is there a way that I can base completion of the module (and subsequently, the course overall) on finishing this pathway? (>state >city, or only >state)

I also want to allow people to complete the course and receive a basic certificate without completing the state/city component.

Please see the attached flow chart for the gist of it. I understand how to link the scenes and track completion of each via variables. It's just the issue of conditional completion based on the learner's interest/requirements that I'm trying to sort out.

Do you have any ideas on how this may be done? I'd like to know what steps, if any, I'd need to take using variables in Storyline, beyond what I need to do within my LMS (LearnUpon) to make this happen.

I've posed the same question to the LearnUpon staff to get their input.

Please let me know if I need to provide additional details for a determination to be made. Thanks very much for any direction you can provide!


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Jerry Beaucaire

Thinking out loud:

  1. Three T/F variables come to mind as needed:
    • StateDone
    • CityDone
    • CityExists
  2. StateDone is easy. Put triggers at the end of each STATE scene to set this variable to TRUE
  3. Put triggers at the end of each city tree to set CityDone=true. 
  4. CityExists is tougher.  You'll need to devise a way to query the user on their city and check to see if you have a tree for that city.  If you do have a tree,  you would set the CityExists = true.
  5. At the end on your results slide, or on a pausing slide right before it you need to run some checks to see their level of completion.   Perhaps a chart that says:


    [  ] BASIC - Course content reviewed in full

          [ ] STATE COMPLETED
          [ ] CITY COMPLETED (or not required)

    You can see how various examinations of the 3 variables we've created can determine the certification completeness.

    Set CERTIFIED=TRUE on the condition StateDone=True and CityDone=True
    Set CERTIFIED=TRUE on the condition StateDone=True and CityExists=False

  6. Then on your final certificate, change the wording and images based on whether CERTIFIED = true.

Sound doable?

Jerry Beaucaire

One other thought, set the initial state of the CityExists variable to TRUE so the default when they start the course is "they do need to do a city".   Then when you setup the system to actually check if their particular city exists or not, you then set it to FALSE on purpose.

This way if they somehow try to circumvent the "check" somehow, it hasn't been set to FALSE yet, so they are still on the hook until they specifically select a city you allow as FALSE.

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