Conditional Page Display

Jul 08, 2021

I've been trying to find a solution to this, but I am not sure if storyline supports this.

I need a way to add and remove pages to the menu when they are either in or out of the course flow. For example, after the title page of the course, there is a page that asks the user if they would like to take the pre-course assessment, and test out of the course. I want this to be included in the default course flow on the menu. But if a user were to select "NO", the page would be removed, and the user can go ahead and take the course as normal.

Another example would be if the user completes the course, the "congratulations page" would be added to the course menu.

Is this possible?

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Scott Wiley

It's not possible with built-in course menu functionality - that I know of.

You might consider creating a slide with variables/triggers implemented to show/hide links, states, etc., as a custom course menu slide. You could add a link to your main menu bar that will lightbox that slide from anywhere.