Conditionally disable the tab flow on the controls

Oct 06, 2016

Hi there,

I am finding it tricky to establish a solution for one of my client's requirements. They want to conditionally disable the tab flow on the controls on base layer once another layer is shown.

E.g. on a quiz slide with 'pick one or many' question, once the learner submits an answer the tab flow should be restricted to only feedback and other controls keeping the radio buttons disabled for the tab flow. Is this doable?

Any quicker response is welcome in this regard! Thanks for helping!

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Pradip U

Hi All,

Thank you for all of your inputs on this issue. I would like to re-phrase my question in steps

1> I have created a 'Pick many' type question with accessibility ON. So I can access the question using keyboard tabs and submit my response.

2> Once feedback box is displayed and then I keep pressing the TAB key, it takes me through the answer options (check-boxes). 

I would like to avoid the #2 where the options are fetching TAB key. I would like to skip over them or have them disabled so they won't be accessed using TAB when feedback is shown.

Thanks again!

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