How to disable the default Next button only on a slide layer and not on the base layer

Jul 11, 2016

I want to disable the default Next button when the learner visits a slide layer. For example, I have created three tabs and each tab opens an interaction on a slide layer. When the user clicks the default next button, it goes to the next slide and the leaner may not notice that there where two other tabs to explore.

I know how to disable the next button when the user finished all interaction:

However, in my case I only want to disable it when the user visits a tab (slide layer) to prevent confusion. When the user is on the base layer it may click next without viewing all tabs.

Within the Slide Layer options, I can set to prevent interaction on the base layer, but this will also disable interaction with some other navigational elements. Is there a default method to accomplish this?

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Lisa Dobias

I'm having as similar issue. If I disable or hide the Prev and Next buttons on a layer, they are also disabled or hidden on the base layer, even though there is no trigger set on the base slide. The base slide contains 7 hotspots that open a layer. It is not mandatory for users to click on all of these before moving to the next slide (that would be much easier to set up). How can I disable or hide Prev and Next on the layer but not on the base slide?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

the player Prev and Next buttons are controlled from the Base layer not any additional layers so you can't show on base and then hide on a layer it doesn't work that way.

If it is not mandatory for the user to click the 7 hotspots before moving on why are you trying to hide them on the layers? Maybe give us a little more information or share the slide so someone can offer a solution.

Ali Goulet

Hey Lisa, 

Great question!

Wendy's right- the Previous and Next button settings in Slide Properties are applied to the whole slide.

To make that work, you'll need to create triggers on the layers to change the states of the navigation buttons to hidden, then another set of triggers to show the Previous & Next buttons again. Perhaps when the user clicks a button to hide the layer like this: 


I've attached a sample file of what I'm describing for you here.

Hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have questions. ⭐️

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