Conditionally showing scenes/slides in menu based on variable or entering scene

Jun 24, 2020

Hello! I have a course that's made for faculty, students, and TAs. I have four scenes and one UserRole variable. I have all the logic set up but am stuck on the menu. Overview:

  1. Intro scene (seen by all)
    1. Has a slide "Who Are You?" with Faculty, Student, and TA buttons that set a variable UserRole to either faculty, student, or ta.
    2. I put conditions on the Next button here to go to the appropriate scene:
  2. Faculty Scene (Faculty sent here)
    1. End of course for faculty
  3. Student scene (Students AND TAs sent here)
    1. If UserRole = student, end of course.
    2. If UserRole = TA, user is brought to the TA scene.
  4. TA scene (TAs sent here from Student Scene).
    1. End of course for TAs.

I have the navigation working.

I would like the menu to conditionally show the correct scenes for each user, either by checking the variable or just showing a scene in the menu when the user enters it. I envision this to be:

  1. At the beginning, menu only contains Intro Scene for everyone.
  2. Upon user exiting Intro Scene and being brought to their appropriate scene, the menu updates according (somehow???).
    1. Faculty will now have Intro Scene + Faculty scene in their menu.
    2. Students will have Intro Scene + Students scene in their menu.
    3. TAs will have Intro Scene, Students scene, and TAs scene in their menu.

I have found a video and tutorial on showing or hiding scenes/slides from the menu for everyone, but not how to do it conditionally.

Any and all help appreciated. Thanks!


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Walt Hamilton

To me, the obvious solution is to forget the off-the-shelf menu, and create your own for each scene.  they choose their role, and go to the correct scene, with its own menu.

Alternatively, you can create slide names that are sufficiently generic, and use the same menu for everybody. Use items like: Intro, Digital Resources, Assessments. The Digital Resources menu item would jump to an invisible slide, that on the start of its timeline would jump to the correct Digital Resources slide according to the variable.

Susi R

Oh hmm. Thanks, Walt! (Sorry for the delay - I just got the email?). How would I create an independent menu for a scene? Can you point me to a resource? Also, do you think this could be done with a variable? I made one ending scene that all the roles will go to so that I didn't have to duplicate slides.

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