Project Scenes Viewed variable issue

Aug 06, 2021


I have just finished building the technical structure of a course.

It has an Introduction Scene with 3 slides, Welcome, Intro and a Menu slide that is used as a progress indicator.

The Menu slide has six Buttons(Images with states) that each go to six different Scenes. At any time throughout the visit of one of those scenes the user can go back to the menu slide. There they can see their progress of each of the six scenes. I have set up also progress bar indicators for each Scene to match the percentage completed as an added visual.

So the image for Scene One for example will show a percentage completion of that scene, and the same for the others. Then when all six scenes show 100% then the course is marked as complete.

All this works as expected.

However, when playing with the variables I set up a test reference text box calling the Project.ScenesViewed variable on the menu page to see what happens. When the user views all 6 scenes then it does show 6.

But... It marks a Scene as viewed even if a user only views 1 slide in that scene. Is this normal, and if so how can I change it so that the Project.ScenesViewed only shows correctly if all of the slides in that scene are viewed. Or do I have to start another variable process?

Also....what is the difference between the Project.progress and Menu.progress variables, as, as far as I can see they provide the exact same result?

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Phil Mayor

Menu progress is different as you can remove items from the menu or put them in a different order.

Scene viewed is working as expected (although not how I would expect it to work) as I believe it is the same as visited state or viewed for a slide which is once touched it is on.

You probably want to use progress through scene and when it is 100% change a variable to true to mark completion of that scene, more work than it should be