Incomplete menu of slides on side

The scene-ending slides in my first two scenes trigger advance to the next scenes upon simple end of timeline, and the first three scenes are shown in the side menu. The third scene's ending slide requires a correct click to advance to the next scene, as do all the following scenes' last slides, but none of those scenes are visible in the menu. That is, my six-scene story only shows the first three scenes because of the method of advance. (At least, that's the only difference I can see.) What can I do to display all slides in all scenes, regardless of how they were reached?



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Wayne Vermillion

Thank you, Cristina! I didn't realize there were more options for the menu than just location. After resetting and moving items around, it's a passable menu now. (I believe that the menu should auto-populate and auto-order rather than requiring manipulation, especially after a reset, but that's a quibble for another day.)