Using an "Intro" Slide to Serve as Course Navigation

May 10, 2018

Doing software training where it doesn't matter what order an end user completes 4 different scenes. I want to have an "intro" slide where they pick a scene to learn, then go back to intro slide and pick another. I want the button related to the scene they have completed to show that somehow (greyed out, checked off, etc.) but allow the user to play through the scene again. I want to course to complete when a quiz at the end of each scene has been completed. I don't want to enable the sidebar navigation.

Is it possible to:

Allow the user to pick the scenes in random order without having the side menu navigation enabled?

Have the same intro slide but have a trigger or variable set to grey out the scene button after the scene quiz has been completed?

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Walt Hamilton

The sample attached to the first post on this thread:  will show you how to do that. You probably want to use Mixed navigation. I designed it so Mixed could have one quiz at the end after everything else is visited, but you could put a quiz at the end of each section.

The difference between Mixed and Free is that Free lets you leave anytime, and Mixed makes you complete everything before the End shows up.

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