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May 11, 2016

I am providing an e-learning for new employees.

In one of the slides, I give hem the opportunity to click on 4 objects for more information. So if they click on the picture, they will get more information about this picture in another slide. If they have seen this, they will come back to the slide where they can choose one of the objects.

From this slide where they can choose on of the objects, I want to continue to another slide only if they have visited the 4 objects. 

I can't figure out how to do this, can you help me with this?

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Christophe Jacobs

Hi Alexander,

Make use of the variables in Storyline.

Create a true/false variable for each of the 4 objects on your slide. Set them by default to false.

When the timeline starts of the detailed information slide, set a trigger to change the variable for that object to true. You will do this 4 times, for each detailed information slide.

On the overview slide with 4 objects, add a conditional trigger that changes the state of a button from HIDDEN to normal when the timeline of this overview slide starts and with 4 conditions:

  • If variable 1 = True
  • if variable 2 = True
  • if variable 3 = True
  • if variable 4 = True

Don't forget to change the base layer properties to RESET TO INITIAL STATE for your overview slide, otherwise this trigger is never executed.

Hope this puts you on the right track.

Kind regards,

Christophe Jacobs

If you follow the solution from Pierre, don't forget to set your base layer properties to RESUME SAVED STATE, since the visited states will be forgotten when you move away from the slide and return if your base layer property is RESET TO INITIAL STATE.

see this discussion:

Christophe Jacobs

Yes, if you use the solution with the variables.

Then you can add 2 conditional triggers to the button that takes you to the next topic.

One trigger will state that if the users clicks, it shows a layer (where you design a pop-up like box) if Var1 =  False OR var2=False OR var3=False OR var4=False.

The other trigger states that if the user clicks, it jumps to slide X if var1=True AND var2=True AND var3=True AND var4=True.

Hope this helps