Conditions on Menu Triggers Not Working

I've encountered some odd behavior in Storyline 360 that seems like a bug.  I have an "Exit Course" link as a Menu item in my player which does exactly that when clicked.

This works fine until I try to add a condition.  I only want the Exit Course feature to work as long as my bookmark variable is under 1000.  When I add this condition to the trigger (screenshot) it completely disables the link.  No matter whether my bookmark is 0 or 1001 it no longer does anything.  It's like it is disabled.

Has anyone encountered this?

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Russell Killips

Hello USC Marty,

The same thing is happening to me and should be reported to Articulate as a bug.

I did come up with a work-around though. I created an exit slide. On timeline start of the slide, there are triggers to exit the course and to close the lightbox.

Hopefully this will work for you.

Marty Slapnik

Sorry to hear others are facing the same issue, but glad I'm not alone :).

Russell, I tried doing an exit slide once but I always do auto-resume to the last page the user was on when they left, which means they would always be returned to the exit slide.  I tried adding more triggers for the layers to react according to an initial launch, but could not get it to work properly on all web browsers.

Will send in as a bug.