Conditions on the player menu

Is it possible to set up conditions on the main player menu?

The idea being that you can't jump ahead in the course unless you have completed specific pages first.

I know that I can do it if I switch off the main player menu, create my own and use variables, but I can never make my menu's look as good as the "out of the box" one that comes with SL.


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Cary Glenn

From what I understand you want the learners to view the slides in a scene, in any order, before they can go on to the next scene. Is this right?

Take a look at this tutorial it might help.

I would use that tutorial along with a number variable that counts the number of slides, you might have to set it up so they get credit for each slide only once and then set the "next" button to be active once the slide count is achieved.

You could also have an individual true/false variable on each slide, have the variable change to true when the slide is visited, and then have the "next' button slide become active if all the slides are true.

Glenn Jones

Hi Cary

Thanks for the response. Your suggestion has helped me find the answer I was looking for, but I had to follow a link from the page you suggested

...scroll down to Changing the Navigation Method...

Basically, what I was after was to completely restrict how you navigate via the menu e.g. if you have 6 slides in the same scene, you can only access slide 6 by first viewing slides 1 - 5 i.e. you cannot click on slide 6 from the menu to skip ahead :-)