How to change the state for menu buttons

Oct 05, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me. I have tried to find the answer to this on here but can't quite find the answer specific to my scenario.

So I would like the state of all buttons on the main menu to mark as complete once users have completed sections on the sub menu.

I created a visiting state on my first button which you can find attached. That button takes you to the sub menu, once "email" and "queue" is complete I want users to go back to the main menu and see that section now marked as complete. I had a go at adding a trigger on the main menu slide to change state if variable changes. However even if i do not click both buttons (email and queue) it still marks as complete.

Any help greatly appreciated! Test file is attached.

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Mike Enders

Hi Kerina and welcome to the Articulate Community!  We're glad you're here!

The fix (I think) to your design question is a slight change to the trigger on the main menu slide. 

Right now, the trigger says to change the state of the rectangle when the variable changes. 

The key is where the variable changes.  

Right now, the variable is changing on a different slide, so the trigger on the main menu slide doesn't "see" it happening.  So when you return to the main menu slide the trigger says "I don't need to do anything because I didn't see anything change".  In other words, it didn't see the variable change WHEN it happened.

So the slight change to the trigger is:

Change the state of the rectangle to visited when the timeline starts (for main menu) IF variable = true.

In this case, the trigger doesn't have to see the change occur, it only has to look to see if it is equal to true each time the learner returns to the main menu slide. 

I hope this helps.  I've attached your file with the simple update.


Christine K

Thanks Mike for your  prompt response!

I had a look at the sample and realized it still does not quite work the way i wanted. I would like  the main  menu button to only mark as visited when the user clicks both buttons on the sub menu. Is that not possible? If i move to the sub menu chose not to click the two sub menu buttons and move back to the main menu, it still marks it as visited.

Anyway around this you think?

Thanks so much!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kerina

the visited state of your Main menu buttons is automatically triggering as soon as the user clicks it - that is why it is appearing as visited...perhaps you need to create a new 'completed' state that is not a default state.  I will have a play around with the file later if you like.

Check button 2, as soon as I click it even though it goes no-where, the visited state is triggered.

Pranali Chaudhari

Hi Kerina

I have work around your attached file. I have created one custom state i.e. "completed"  which is same as visited and remove visited state

from file. whenever we click any button then it automatically goes to visited state if it is defined. so I have created custom state to mark completion of menu button . please check first button of menu and implement for others also. hope it will be your expected output.

please let me know if this is helpful for you.



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