Confirming completion of a course

I am creating a course that will be uploaded to a SharePoint site (rather than an LMS) and I need be able to confirm users have completed the course. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to automatically send a confirmation once the course is completed?

I don't think that adding the send email trigger will work because users could presumably just send the email themselves rather than actually taking the course...

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Judy Nollet

I don't know any simple way to track completion outside of an LMS. If you're concerned about them sending an email without taking the course, you could require them to include a screenshot of the last page of the course or of their quiz results. And if you're concerned about them "borrowing" a screenshot from someone else, you could program the course to ask for their name at the beginning, and then display their name on the screen to be captured. In short, use the email trigger, but make it a little more difficult to cheat. Of course, you'll also have to provide explicit instructions to ensure they send what's needed. 

Brad Carroll

I recently had Storyline 360 installed and have created a quiz, which is supposed to send the quiz results to an administrator. I have tried using the JavaScript variables as suggested by various readers and have set the trigger to clicking on a button. However, nothing happens. We are using MS Outlook 2013 for emails. Is there any compatibility issues between these two products?

Also, one comment suggested that the file cannot generate an email from a local machine, as the file has to be on a network. I've tried uploading to SharePoint 2013 but some of the files are being blocked. I've also used one of our public servers with no success. Any suggestions?

Brad Carroll

The community forum has provided some scripting for the JavaScript variables that pull information from the Results screen. I can set it up ok, but when I test it, I do not receive an email. Do you have any information on how JavaScripts can be used? Are there any restrictions on how it might be used within a specific type of environment?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brad,

Storyline 360 supports JavaScript triggers, but we don't provide support for JavaScript coding. This article may be able to assist some.

I apologize for the confusion.

If you are using a specific thread to create this, you are welcome to reply there as well. Context certainly helps sometimes and again, hopefully someone in the community will be able to assist.

Looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email as well. You can remove that if needed - quick Peek video here if you need help.