Conflicting Result Slides

I have a course which has two results slides. One is integrated with a pre-existing course. And another I have added at the end of the course.

My results slide has only an acknowledgment. The other is connected to a quiz.

On the LMS, I want only credit for the Acknowledgment result. However, the LMS seems to be capturing the results from both slides.

How can I get the LMS to only track my slide?

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Dave Cox

Hi Christopher,

The slide that the LMS uses for scoring is determined by your project's settings. To select the correct slide, click the publish button In the publish dialog, check which results slide displays in the properties section:

Publish Settings

If this doesn't show the correct slide, click on the text of that property. This opens the Reporting and Tracking options dialog. In the Results slide to report drop-down, select your desired results slide.

Reporting and Tracking Options

Click OK, and continue to publish as normal. Your LMS should now report the correct results.