Confusion about Report Status to LMS as and how it maps to SCORM 2

Feb 20, 2013


I have read your documentation about the "Report Status to LMS as" options and am a bit confused as to which SCORM fields they apply to.

In SCORM 2004 you would need two different fields to represent Completed/Incomplete and passed/failed.

cmi.completion_status for values (“completed”, “incomplete”, “not attempted”, “unknown”)


cmi.success_status for (“passed”, “failed”, “unknown”)

This raises a few questions:

1) When you boil Completed/Incomplete and passed/failed down down to 1 value pair like passed/incomplete or Complete/failed, it is unclear what field is set to what?

2) What is the value of  cmi.completion_status set to when the Passed/failed setting is selected?

3) Conversely what is the value of cmi.success_status when completed/incomplete setting is selected?

Hope you can help me shed some light on this

All the best


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