Confusion over Articulate everything!

Hey all,

So I'm totally confused over the need for all the extra software that comes with Articulate 360. 

I use Storyline daily and build everything with this, interactions, quizzes, literally everything. So when I did my update recently I figured I'd take a look into Studio 360.

Am I missing a trick here or something, what benefit is there to having Presenter,  Quizmaker and Engage?

I've tried to read up on it and still can't get my head around it, any simple explanation will be greatly received! :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emily,

There is a lot there - so I can understand being overwhelmed! 

This article on Why you need each tool, and when to use them is a great place to start. I also find this additional deep dive on how the pros use Storyline vs. Rise a helpful break down. 

Hope that helps clear up some confusion and let us know if you need anything else! 

Tracy Carroll

Hi Emily,

I use Rise and Presenter, in addition to Storyline 360, in order to comply with client requests. I've developed courses in Rise specifically because that is the tool the client wanted me to use, and I've edited existing modules in Presenter and Quizmaker because the client did not want to change authoring platforms.

Brian Allen

Many of us started with Presenter before there was ever a tool called Storyline. As Tracy mentioned, as such many are comfortable with it and prefer it to Storyline, others may use it to update legacy courseware.

I personally prefer Storyline's workflow to Presenter and I prefer to build my interactions and quizzes in Storyline vs using tools like Quizmaker or Engage. But it's good to have these tools in the suite for those who do prefer to use them.

Rise, on the other hand, has some very intriguing possibilities that I've yet to really dig into, but I'm looking forward to taking the time soon.