Confuzzled by base layer objects not being clickable

Hi everyone,

I really need the community's help with this one:

I have a slide with several layers. Each layer is accessible by clicking on an object on the base layer. On each layer, the boxes for "Hide objects on base layer" and "Prevent the user from clicking the base layer" remain unticked.

However, the interaction simply doesn't work. Once I get into a layer, the objects on the base layer are no longer clickable.

I've been racking my brains and can't figure this one out. This is my first foray into instructional design, so might well be some rookie mistake I'm making?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Indunil, 

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing a copy of your file. As Walt shared, if it's working correctly for him there are a few things you can check into. First, I'd want to confirm that you're using the latest update of Storyline 2 Update 11. You'll also want to make sure you're working on local project files as detailed here. Also, when this is happening to you, do you see it while you're previewing or as a part of viewing the published output? If it's publish, please also make sure you're testing it by uploading to the intended environment. 

Indunil Weerasinghe

Hi Ashley, I was having the issue in both the preview as well as the published output. Installing Update 11 has fixed the issue, so I haven't spent much time trying to isolate the cause. Thanks to both yourself and Walt for helping me get to the bottom of this quickly! Very much appreciated! :)