connecting with arrows quiz!

Jun 24, 2013

hi, i need to make an "arrow connecting" quiz with articulate storyline, but i can´t to find an example for get it!

have you some example to make it possible ?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Juanma,

How do you want the arrows to function? Do you want them to appear when a user clicks on the term and then the image on the right side? 

I created an example for this some time ago, but I cannot seem to find it! Sorry about that.

If you can share a little more detail on how you'd like this to function, maybe we can come up with something that works for you :)


Christine Hendrickson


Can you tell me a little more about how you want this to work please?

Do you want the arrows to display before or after the correct responses have been selected, or do  you want them to show up for every selection? 

Do you want/need the learners to select specific images or words in a specific order?

Does this need to be graded/scored?


juanma andreani

hi @Christine, this is my example:

i want to match the figure/word with the correct line after to select the two buttons (left "grey" button AND right "blue" button).

i try to get it following these steps:

1. i separated the line in other layer (hidden layer)

2. then Freeform > pick many and i´ve marked the right lines between all.

3. then,  i´d select the right button ("cat" button)  > Tigger Wizard and setting up the below values:

but, i did not have good luck! the layer "CAT_CAPA" didnt show me the line (it was remained hidden).

My Scene screen:

sorry if my english is poor :(

it is my project now:  

can you help me going on ?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Juanma,

Looks like your method should work pretty well, actually, if you want to use layers.

However, one thing I would change is the trigger. Try changing it to when they "Are: Selected". If you use "Visited", it may not function properly since that state is called by default when a user visits and leaves the slide.

Does that work for you?

If not, can you share the .STORY file?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Juanma,

I think there's a couple of reasons why that layer isn't showing up. First, I noticed that the question itself has the "Line" objects selected as correct answers, when it should be the buttons, correct?

Also, there's nothing actually changing the buttons (for some reason) to "Selected" by default. So, I added the "Selected" state for both buttons and triggered that state "on click". 

Now, if you select the button on the left and the button on the right, the new layer with the line will open.

I'm attaching the modified version of your file if you'd like to check it out.

I hope this helps! :)

juanma andreani

Hi christine! it was really useful i´ve completed all the button interactions, but now i have other 2 problems:

1. did you seen how to keep the "lines" layers visibles while you select other buttons? because in this game the users have 3 connecting option before than get the correct or incorrect results! In the current situation, when i finished one connecting and try to make other one i have a bug, because the first set of buttons remain "selected".

i think to define a new trigger action with each button with this:  Change states of "all" buttons when "my new button" is selected, so the last line layer remain visible, but the buttons unselected.

mmm..  I am slightly loss here! :(

2. how can i join the results with correct and incorrect windows?

the new story: 

and again... sorry for my poor english


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Juanma,

I apologize for the delay! I was out of the office for the holiday and it's been extremely busy so far today. Gotta love catching up after a holiday :)

For the first question, I believe you're saying that the lines aren't staying up on the slide, correct? I think that's because the layers you're using are being hidden. To fix this click on the cogwheel for the layers and disable the option for "Hide other slide layers" - if this option is enabled, any other layer that's opened will be closed.

I do agree a little with Blair, that this is probably a bit too complicated with layers, however.

How about using states, instead? For example, you could include the lines in a specific state and change to that state if one of the other answers is selected after  the image button is selected. 

The problem you're going to run into here is that the "Selected" state needs to be the actual state for the buttons in order for them to carry through to the "Correct" and "Incorrect" feedback layers. If the buttons aren't in the "Selected" state, Storyline won't think that they've been selected by the user. 

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