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Christie Pollick

Hi, Rodney -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! While I cannot specifically say that I have seen your request before, I was able to find a thread where it appears that someone may have had a similar idea in mind. Please check out this thread and let us know if that will work for you, or if not, I will need to defer to the community to chime in with some additional ideas you can try to pull off what you are hoping to achieve. :)

Rodney Brown

Thank you for your response, I have looked through the threads, this still seems to be a hard one as we do not want to use Ipads for this or have a mouse connected to a hidden laptop but one TV screen with these specs below, if this helps:

Phillips BDL4256ET touch screen display,

•Picture enhancement: 3/2 - 2/2 motion pull down, 3D Combfilter, Motion compens. deinterlacing, Progressive scan, 3D MA deinterlacing, Dynamic contrast enhancement


•Multi-touch technology: Optical sensing

•Touch points: 6 simultaneous touch points

•Plug and play: HID compliant

•Protection glass: 4 mm tempered safety glass


•Video input: DisplayPort (1.1a), HDMI, DVI-D, VGA (Analogue D-Sub), Component (RCA), Composite (RCA)

•Video output: DVI-I, VGA (via DVI-D)

•Audio input: Audio Left/Right (RCA), 3.5-mm jack

•Audio output: Audio Left/Right (RCA), External speaker connector

•External control: RJ45, RS232C (in/out) D-Sub9

•Other connections: USB, AC-out, OPS

Allie Munro

This is a touch one. This issue you have is Storyline is browser based so you do require another device to send the information to the TV unless it has access browsers. If so you can put Storyline on a USB stick and launch the files from their. Once the Demo is live, if designed well you shouldn't require the device again (for example, Retry Button).

Ultimately you don't want any wires near this TV. I would recommend a product like Chrome Cast. This is a USB stick that can receive Audio/Video through your wireless network.

So it will be very discreet and either a Tablet, Laptop on the same network can send video to it, or in this case send a internet browser page (Storyline Demo).

Am I on the right track?