Content Library 360 vector graphics in an editable format?


New to 360 and found a good interactive element for a menu in content library 360. Awesome.

Found how to export the file from media library or from the slide page with no trouble. Awesome.

Only options for exporting are non-editable formats, no psd, ai or eps options. Not Awesome. What am I missing?

I cannot believe SL 360 gives you a template, but its not savable in a format you can actually work with. Seriously, what good is it then? I have to be missing something.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Robert!

That's a great graphic for a menu! All of the templates in Content Library 360 are customizable in Storyline 360 using the Drawing Tools. You shouldn't need to export it to make any changes.

If you've created a vector outside of Storyline 360, it's best to make all of the edits prior to importing. 

Here's a list of the media files Storyline 360 supports.