Content Library: Making images less bright?

Sep 05, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm using real photos from the Content Library as backgrounds  w/the modern illustrated characters placed on top. However, the characters are getting lost in the picture. How can I make the "pop" more?

I've tried:

  • Boxes w/ partial transparent fill over the background image, and it looks dirty.
  • Changing the brightness and/or contrast and/or transparency of the background image, and it just looks dull.
  • Changing the brightness and/or contrast of the character, and they just look over-edited.

Any suggestions?

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Tennille Nicolette

Hi Tricia,

I think overlaying characters on photo backgrounds is a good idea!

You might have better luck if your character isn't a similar color to the background. For example, your male character wears a blue shirt nearly the color of the sky and the street. His hair is very dark like the treetops. If he was wearing orange or yellow, or the background were lighter, he'd definitely pop.  Or try moving him to another part of the photo, or cropping/resizing the photo.

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