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Ali Goulet

Hi Anthony!

Thanks for reaching out here. Are you downloading the published outputs and trying to launch them locally on your Mac? If so, you may find that viewing a published Articulate Storyline course on your local computer doesn't work as expected. This is due to local security restrictions in your computer, Flash Player, and web browser. It's best to upload the published output to a web server or LMS for proper testing. However, if you need to view it locally on a Mac, add the folder where the course is located to your local Flash Player Security Settings.

Kristi Riley

Ali, I have the same issue and am viewing from a published file on my web server. Oddly enough, it was playing earlier today, then I deleted and replaced the file with an updated version, and suddenly it's not playing (just on safari). There were no changes in publish settings, so it's a mystery as to what happened. So strange!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kristi - Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue as well. Are you publishing and sharing the content as shared in this documentation. You mentioned viewing a published file on your web server, and you would want to share the published URL to view as your learners would for the best viewing.

Let us know if you have a .story file that we need to take a look at.