Content on screen looks blurry in HTML5 output


We are facing a strange issue after publishing the content (HTML5 output) in SL 3  with the latest update. The on screen content looks blurry.

Please find our observations before reporting this incidence:

1) This issue occurred on chrome browser for windows 7 and above.

2) It does not replicate on the higher resolution monitors. And also it does not replicate on any other browser and any resolution except chrome.

We have raised this issue previously here.

Kindly suggest any solution except 'lock the player at the optimal size'.





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Katie Riggio

Hello, Pratik!

Thank you for your latest insight, and I'm sorry this issue has had a tremendous impact on your work. A few clarifying questions to help us explore our next steps:

Also, if you have any screenshots and a new .story file to share, that would be gold! I'd like to run some tests in a similar environment and will delete it after having another closer look.