Content published to record pass/fail status but is trakcing as pass/pass in LMS

Sep 01, 2016

I am currently running the latest and greatest version of Storyline2 (Update 10: 1607.1221).  While I have our quiz set to show the Passing score at 80%.  I use SCORM 2004, 4th Edition and LMS Reporting to Report status to LMS as Passed/Failed. 

The user takes the quiz and gets 20% and a "C" is being sent to the LMS as completed, and course moves to user’s history as completed, whereas an "I" for Incomplete should be sent and should remain on users plan.

If I set the Report status to LMS as Completed/Incomplete the proper "C" & "I" gets sent, respectively.  I've setup the [SCORM] logger for the SCORM data so I can see this data being passed to the LMS and in each of the passed/failed instances the program is serving up "C".

It's the opposite of the "Content published to record a complete / incomplete status but is tracking as pass / fail in LMS"


Regardless of what status drop down I use, if the user fails (Incomplete/Fail) an "I" should be sent to the LMS.

I've escalated to the LMS provider and they state this is an Articulate issue. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Cindy Ross

Let me understand:  Does the following send these variables to the LMS?

Passed/Failed sends P/I 

Passed/Failed sends P/F

Complete/Incomplete sends C/I

Completed/Failed sends C/F

So depending on the LMS will depend on which one of the "report status to LMS" are to be used.

If that's the case, this is published as Passed/Failed and I'm getting a Complete/Failed. 

Cindy Ross

Here is the response.  In a nutshell Passed_Failed will always send a completed and if the LMS supports the "Failed" status under completed it will report that.  Ours however, has only Completed & Incomplete and does not support the "Success" status.  Therefore I will see Completed even if the user failed as long as they finished the quiz.


When you set your LMS Reporting to "Passed/Failed", completion will be sent to your LMS regardless if the user passed or failed the quiz. Completion will be determined if the user has completed the quiz, it will only differ on the "Success" status sent to the LMS, either Passed or Failed.

With regards to setting the LMS Reporting to "Complete/Incomplete", success status (Passed/Failed) will not be sent to the LMS. User should receive "Complete" status is they have passed the quiz. Otherwise, "Incomplete" status will be sent to the LMS.

To report both completion status and success status to an LMS, you need to select either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed as the reporting option when publishing your Articulate Storyline content. See this article for more information:

To help you understand how each LMS Reporting option in Articulate Storyline or Studio works, I will refer you to this great article from Inquisiq (LMS):

I should note that the article doesn't cover SCORM 2004 4th edition but the same applies as to SCORM 2004 3rd edition. I'd tested and got the same results.

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