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Oct 19, 2012


When working with quizzes, I can modify the Feedback master so that the feedback is displayed for example in the lower left corner instead of in the middle, (that way, I can show the feedback AND the question with the learners answer at the same time) however, how can I move also the default placement of the "Continue" or "Try again" button? It is not in the Feedback master and thus it stays in the middle of the page. To move it I havent found any other way than to on each Quiz slide, open each feedback layer and move it manually, please tell me I missed something ?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Marie! When you go to View > Feedback Master and select the layout you want to customize, there's a placeholder on the slide that Storyline uses for the Continue button (circled below). If you move that placeholder to somewhere else on the slide, it should cause the Continue button on your feedback layer to appear in that spot. Are you seeing something different?

Marie Romani

There is no placeholder for the button in my layout, wich I inherited from another project. Probably it was removed from the feedback layout in the previous project.

I inserted a new placeholder for content (which is how it looks on the default feedback layout?), but the button does not fall into the placeholder. Even if I add a completely new feedback master layout (the default one) and move the feedback box to the left, the button does not follow the placeholder when applying the new layout.

1. Insert new layout master - default.

2. Move feedback background box and text including placeholder for button to the left in the layout.

3. Insert new slide, select quizzing - true/false

4. Apply new feedback layout to the new quizz.

Result: quizz question and text feedback falls into to the placeholders for text, but the button stays in the middle of the page.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Marie, 

Yeah, unfortunately if the Continue button's placeholder on the feedback master got deleted, that can introduce some challenges with controlling the location of the button on your actual slide layers. There isn't a way to reinsert the placeholder on the layout once it's deleted. And If the placeholder's not there, Storyline will go ahead and add a Continue button on the slide anyway (since the learner will always need a way to clear the feedback message), but it ends up in the middle of the slide layer, as you noticed.  

What you could perhaps do is go to View > Feedback Master and click Insert Slide Master, which creates a whole new feedback master & the associated set of layouts (with the Continue button's placeholder intact). Then customize/rearrange as needed, and apply the new feedback layout to your feedback layers. This still involves having to go in and touch each layer to make the changes (you'll need to apply the new layout and then delete the unneeded Continue button that Storyline inserted earlier)... however perhaps this is less work than manually eyeballing and moving the Continue button on every feedback layer. Plus once you do it once, you'll be able to use the new feedback master layouts to easily make any future adjustments to the location of the button if needed.

Thanks for bringing this up, Marie - we're aware that the options for customizing the Continue button on the feedback master could be improved, and it's something we hope to address in the future. 

Marie Romani

Hi Jeanette,

Well, I actually inserted a completely new Slide master and did exactly as you suggested, (this is what i tried to describe in the step by step instruction above) but the button still appears in the middle of the slide, also when using the "default" feedback master. (re-applying it to the slide)

I even tried to create a completely new project with the default settings, than import the quizz slides (which gives me also the default layouts) to the existing project, however, the button still does not go into the placeholder when applying that layout to the existing quizz slides...  :(

I guess I will have to learn by the mistake to inherit a particular feedback master, but would appreciate if future enhancements could include more flexibility in modifying the feedback masters.

I will also look for a tutorial on the placeholders and how to control which information goes into which placeholder. Maybe you can direct me to one?

(I noticed that when using title placeholders the name of the scene will always go into the upper placeholder and the name of the slide will go inte the lower placehoder, and I cant make the titles appear the other way around, or is there a way around this? )

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Marie,

Right, unfortunately even if you do create a new slide master, you would still need to go into each slide layer to apply the new layout and delete the unneeded Continue button that Storyline inserted earlier. Sorry for that inconvenient workflow, and yes, definitely agree that this is one area where it would be great to have more flexibility! I know this doesn't help you with your current project, but one thing that you could do in the future if you want to radically change the way a feedback layer looks & behaves, is go into my feedback master layout, and move the placeholder for the Continue button completely off the slide, rather than deleting it. This way it's not visible to the learner, but it won't cause Storyline to insert that automatic Continue button in the middle of your slide. Then, you can create your own Continue button on the feedback layout, and add triggers to the button which cause the button to hide the current layer & jump to the next slide. So essentially you're just creating your own button on the feedback master layout, giving you flexbility to control exactly how it looks. 

Regarding placeholders: this tutorial on using slide masters might be helpful. The title placeholder should not be picking up the scene name; that should actually insert a box on your slide that says "Click to add title." When you click that placeholder on a slide and add some text, that text then gets used as the slide title (but of course you can double-click the slide title if you want to change it to something else). In the case of quiz questions, the title placeholder is used for the question text. If you're seeing something different, would mind submitting a case so we can investigate? Thanks!

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