Continue Button on Feedback Master

Mar 27, 2015

So, I thought I had read all the posts on customizing feedback layers, and knew what I was doing, and then WHAM, no go! :)

I added my own Continue button to each layout on the Feedback Masters with the two triggers for hiding the layer and jumping to the next slide when the User Clicks.  But, those actions are not happening on the Question slides.  The triggers are set to occur when the timeline ends on the Question slides, instead of being set to go when the User clicks the Continue button.  If I try to edit the triggers on the Question slide, the Continue button is not available as an object on which I can set a trigger.

Any thoughts?  I've attached a few pics.  Sorry for the whited out areas, it's technically a company compliance course so I'm just being a little careful :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deanna,

Thanks for sharing the images here and reaching out. You won't be able to add triggers to an element that exists on your slide master, but you should be able to update the triggers in relation to what happens when the user clicks on continue. Since you're unable to share the .story file with us here can you reach out and send it along to us here? 

Deanna McMillion

So in the interest of having the conversation in the forum, in case anyone else can benefit from the answers, I've pulled the quiz slides into their own story file with the feedback masters I was playing around with.  It's attached.

To be clear, the trigger for the Continue button works as I set it on the Feedback Masters.  It will hide the layer and move to the next question when you click it.  However, the trigger will also kick off when the timeline ends, as indicated on the slide level trigger, whether you are ready to click Continue or not!  Right now, the timeline is just the default five seconds you have when inserting a new slide. 

Also, I've only played with the Correct and Incorrect Feedback layouts.

I can go back to the default Feedback Master, there's no real reason for me to have a custom Continue button, I was simply having fun trying something new!

Hope this is a really simple end-user error...Thanks for any help!

Emily Ruby

Hi Deanna,

Thanks for sharing the file. I inserted a new quiz slide and did not get the same behavior. There were no When timeline ends triggers added to the feedback slides. I believe that when you add in quiz slides, the feedback slides will add in a default way to get to the next slide. When I insert a new slide, a new continue button is appearing with the triggers to jump to the next slide. I deleted that and then the slide master button worked as designed. Also, the triggers on your feedback slides can just be deleted from the layer, since you cannot reference the button on the slide master from a slide level trigger panel.


Deanna McMillion

Hmmm, well, when I set up the first MC quiz slide, I deleted the default Continue button and Correct/Incorrect text boxes, like you describe. And then, instead of having to do that every time, I inserted a duplicate of the first quiz slide and edited the text, instead of inserting new every time. Wonder if that was causing my error? I'm going to remove the triggers on the slide layers for the existing slides, and insert new quiz slides going forward.

Thanks for the help!