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Nov 24, 2020

Storyline Pro Needed.  

Our organization is in need of creating a few Storyline Modules to embed in our Rise Courses as a learning opportunity to reinforce the content.  We offer machine monitoring for manufacturing facilities by placing sensors on machines to record vibration data.  We are teaching our customers and partners to install our monitoring system themselves, but realize that the placement and orientation of the sensors is a confusing topic for our learners, but essential for us to provide value to our customers.  I would like to create a storyline interactive to allow the users to practice the foundational content in a virtual environment.  

I envision a machine schematic, then the user is asked to click on a specific location, then the user is asked to make a selection for the right orientation of the sensor, and finally, the user is asked to document the placement/orientation in our app.  So it's essentially a simulation of the process they will complete in the field.   It obviously involves many triggers, layers, and feedback based on the answers the user chooses. So I need a storyline pro to help create this.  

This is a contract per storyline module created, but full scope, we are looking at creating 5-7 of these with various machine orientations and products.

If interested, please send samples of work to 

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