Control Objects on the SlideMaster from any Slide

My course, is not really a course, I'm building a simulator.  I've done it in Lectora, but I like many of the advantages of SL.

I want to create a button trigger that will control the visibility of a textbox on every slide.  The way I manage objects that appear on every slide is to place them on the slide master.  In this case I want to display a textbox on every slide, but only under certain conditions.  I want to be able to turn it on and turn it off when a button is clicked.

I have already created the text box on the Slide Master, but I need some help figuring out how to control it.  

It would be unreasonable (but possible) to manage it at the slide level for every slide.  I'm at 25 slides already and only about 20% complete.  

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Art Smith

I figured it out. 

1. I created Layers on the Master Slide for each of the textboxes I wanted to display. 

2. On the base layer, I added triggers that changed the visibility of each layer (controlling each by the value of a unique variable).

3. On the main story slides with the buttons that required the global visibility of these text boxes (I added on layers in the Slide Master), I added a trigger to the buttons that changed the value of the variables that controlled the visibility of each layer on the Slide Master.

That might have been to coolest thing I made work (in these first two weeks of learning SL) without the magic of JavaScript.  Yeah, it doesn't much to impress me.

Hopefully this helps someone who's looking for this or a similar solution.