Control of Previous and Next buttons on quiz screens


I have built a course with several chapters. At the end of each chapter I have 3-4 screens with multiple choice questions. I have decided to allow only one answer attempt for each questions. I have also decided to branch to the next question regardless of the answer being correct or not. Hence, I have no Previous or Next buttons on the quiz screens, just a Submit button.

When I revisit a quiz screen which is already answered, Previous and Next buttons are shown automatically.

Here is the problem: I can't figure out how to set to what screens those Previous and Next buttons should lead to. Please note! Have deliberately decided not to include Previous and Next buttons on these screens.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anders, 

Are the previous and next buttons showing when you use the Quiz Review feature? If so, those are generated automatically on the review so that you can navigate between the quiz slides, and since you're not answering them again the Submit button is removed. If I'm misunderstanding, it would be great if you could share your .story file or a sample file here for us to look at. 

McKenzie Rude

I know this is a very old post... but, I am running into this same thing and am hoping to find another way. Is there a way for a user to navigate to the previous slide, when the previous slide is an answered multiple choice question, and then be able to hit "next" to go back to the next slide? Right now those buttons force you to go to the next question in the course, even if it's not supposed to be the next place the user goes. This is causing users to miss critical slides and be able to complete the course without seeing them.

Lauren Connelly

Hello McKenzie!

Great question! Let's start by understanding what you've created so far.

Have you added variables to determine which slides users go to when clicking the Previous button? 

I've created a sample file that you can take a look at. I've also recorded a tutorial explaining how I created the file and which triggers/variables I've used. Here's the link.

Please let me know if you have any questions!