Control paragraph animation with a trigger

May 12, 2015


I have a paragraph of text and want to animate the entry line by line.  This animation I want to be controlled by a trigger (hotspot).

For example a "click to continue" button that appears under the first line then disappears once clicked.  The button then reappears under the next line.

Is this possible or do I have to place each line on a new layer and reveal them one at a time. (thereby introducing more possibilities for alignment errors)

I am using Storyline 2.



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David Charney

Hey John,

If I am hearing  you correctly, you can probably click Animations > Fade in > By Paragraph. On the timeline you will see this creates new layers for each line of text. Then set each layer's in and out where you want it and setup cue points at each in and out point. Then you can pause the timeline at each cue point using triggers and continue playing when you click continue. Oh and you can put a new continue button in a new spot under each line of text.