Convert hotspots to shapes (?)

Feb 19, 2019

Hi there,

I have a hazard perception style interaction, made using a freeform "pick one" quiz. It basically changes the state of the hazard crosses to a "correct " state if they are dropped on any of the areas I have marked. I've duplicated the "drop" areas, so that at the end of the quiz the user can be shown them. I did this by duplicating the hotspots on to a new layer. But the issue I have is that I can't see the areas (because they are hotspots and not shapes). Is there a way to convert hotspots to shapes? (I have a few of these interactions).

Link to interaction:

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Mhairi.  There isn't a way to convert hotspots to shapes. 

Going forward, consider making your shapes transparent so that they behave similarly to hotspots.  If you start with transparent shapes, you can easily copy and paste them to the layer, and then format them with more opacity so they show on the slide.

Mhairi Longmuir

Thank you for your reply. That is a great idea, and I've done it for all my interactions in that series now, but I'm getting a bug... if the user rolls over outside the shape (which has a different "hover" state), and even if the cursor is in the area that it would be if it was a square, then the states are flickering between normal and hover.

You can see what I mean in an interaction here: 

And in a Peek recording here: 

I have also attached the storyline file.

Please advise

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mhairi!

Thanks for sharing your file with me and for including a Peek of the issue. I saw the same thing when I tested your file.

The hover issue seems to be related to the dashed outline of the freeform shape. If I change the outline to a solid line, I don't see the problem anymore.

Could you also try changing the outline to a solid line, and let me know if you see an improvement on your side?