Converting Speech to Text?

Not necessarily a Storyline question...

I've got some videos (don't know what they were created in), that are extremely long. We are going to redo the videos using Camtasia and Storyline. I need to transcribe all the speech in the videos to text so I can go in and edit the script.

Instead of listening to the entire 100 minutes or so of video and typing it, which would take countless hours, is there a program that can listen to the audio and transcribe it into text for me (that I can then edit?)

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Sam Lincoln


I was researching this today and discovered that there is nothing currently capable of doing this. The best option is to outsource to a transcriber or, if you are restricted to transcribing yourself, to use software to ease the burden.

David Anderson provides a very useful review here and similar software is here. (Both links open in new windows)