Copy and past issue

Aug 31, 2020

Hello, today i tried to copy one text from one slide to past in another slide and every time a get the error message from Articulate. The programm closes without saving after showing the pop-up window... very frustration. 

Does anyone else has the same difficulties? 

Sincerely, AK . 

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Katie Riggio

Hi Anastasija and Brandy,

So sorry to hear about this crashing issue. Let's get that sorted!

I found a similar case where disabling Unicode UTF-8 support helped. Here are the steps:

  1. In Windows, open Settings
  2. Click Time & Language
  3. Click Language
  4. On the right side under Related Settings, click Administrative Language Settings
  5. Under the Administrative Tab, click Change System Locale (admin rights required)
  6. Uncheck the box labeled Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support 
  7. Reboot if asked when changing this setting
✏️ Short video demo of the steps: Disabling Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support

Let us know if that solves the crash! Our Support team can also help in real-time while you copy and paste text in Storyline. Let us know if you could screen share with us: 

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