Copy and Paste Button with Triggers

I am having a problem when copy and pasting a button from one slide to the next. The button's triggers are set to be hidden at the beginning of the slide's video, and re-appear at the end of the slide's video. The button acts as a "Next Slide" button which brings users to the next video in the slide. When I copy and paste it to the next slide, all of its destinations are "unassigned."

How/can we copy over the triggers over to all of the slides without manually doing it one by one?

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Jeremy Furlani

Thanks for the tip!  What we are specifically trying to do is have a CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE button appear at the end of each slide.  Every slide is a video.  We do not want the learner to be able to advance until the slide is complete, so we removed the NEXT button and Resticted the slides. 

We copy and paste the button, but we seem to be losing the triggers.