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Jul 27, 2017

Hello, I have been looking over all of the topics on this issue, and I don't see a solution.

From what I understand I can't use a Java script to copy to clipboard.

Linking the user to a document outside the course defeats the Storyline software purpose.

Adding multiple documents in the resources section is not feasible either.

Using a variable linked to a text entry box is not working because of the code length. 

Basically, what I need to have my users do, is to go through troubleshooting scenarios and at some steps, copy a code sequence and then paste and run it in other software.

Does anybody have any solutions on this? FYI I am using Storyline 2&3.

I am opened to suggestions.

Thank you!

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Tudor Sabau

Hello Phil, already tried that, and it worked for shorter texts that had no spacing between paragraphs. Now I have a lot longer texts with a lot of spacing between the paragraphs and apparently the text entry field is limited, or does not work with spacing between the paragraphs.

An example on how my text looks like:



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx { 

    xxxxxxxx ( 





    xxxxxxxx( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

        (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 

           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)) { 

        "x(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(".", xxxxxxxx))xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -(xxxxxxxxx) 





It must be in this exact format, with this exact spacing. The above does not work by adding it into a text entry field. On top of that, because it is a text entry field, a user can write over it in error and lose the text that he must copy.

Tudor Sabau

Hello Phil, Ashley maybe you can still help me out, I find that I need to input the location path of the each individual file when adding the web objects and if someone deletes/moves these files they will no longer work within the course. 

I was looking at:

In these instructions it just says, "Note: There must be a file called index.htm or index.html in the folder, and all supporting files that are necessary for your web content to function must be in the same folder." but no indication on how the index.htm file is created.

How do I add these files in the package of the course so I won't rely on location paths that can get broken?

Looking forward!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tudor,

The link you shared was for Presenter so I wanted to make sure you had the link for Storyline's inserting of a web object. Take a look at it here. 

Where is your web object hosted? 

I also thought you may find this discussion interesting on why we don't have a method for copying text directly from the slide. 

Tudor Sabau

Hello Ashley,

The web object is stored locally at the moment, but this course will be published and stored on a server for online access through LMS. 

The thing is that I don't want to have the .story file containing web objects with web addresses to documents stored separately on external sources.

What I want is to integrate the web objects within the .story file package, so they can work independently from the source documents. Keep in mind that I only want to add text.

When you publish a course containing web objects, you will find in the story output folder 3  other subfolders: notes, slides and WebObjects. This makes me think that the webobjects are integrated within the story package, which should allow them to function independent from any other external sources. 

Also, when you add a WebObject to a slide, you are only able to select a folder but no individual WebObjects. When I try to select the folder containing the .htm/.html files I get an error of "could not locate an index.html file in the specified folder".

So my questions are: 

Why am I missing the index.html file? how do I create it?

What format should the webobjects have in order for them to be a selectable text within the course and be bundled with the published story output files so they can work independently from external sources and how do I add them?

Looking forward.

Thank you.

Tudor Sabau

Phil, that did it, thanks a lot!

So in case anybody else will be trying the same thing and will find this thread:

- I created the word document with the text I need to have selectable in the course

- I saved it as htm/html in the same folder

- I ended up having 2 files in the folder, the word doc in which I initially input my text and the one I saved as htm/html

- I renamed the one that was saved as htm/html to index.html as per Phil

- I added the web object within the course by selecting the folder containing the 2 above mentioned files

After publishing the course, these web objects have been added to the course package and the text is selectable and also independent from any other external sources.

Thank you!