Copying of frames from one storyfile to another

Jun 24, 2016



I am trying to copy frames from one storyfile to another but am not able to do so. While copying I made sure to select all the layers and then paste on to another storyfile. However, I am not able to do so. The frames that are copied are blank with no image or text.

Can you please help? It's an urgent official assignment.




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Q van der Meer

Hey Walt, can you help me out?

When I import projects, it messes up my story flow. The first 4 are ok. When I import the fifth project, it’s imported between project 3 and 4. See attached images

When I publish my story in SCORM, the navigation menu shows this structure…

How can I rearrange my story of import projects in a way this does not occur?

This would help a lot, since I don’t want to spent two days to re-build the project in one story…



Walt Hamilton


The flow of your program is controlled by the triggers, not by StoryView.
Although Storyview drives our OCD friends  to the brink of despair, remember: WHAT YOU SEE IN STORYVIEW IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO PROGRAM FLOW DETERMINATION. It is merely a visual representation of how the triggers are set up.


There is VERY little about program flow that you can change from StoryView. If you have a trigger that jumps to the next slide, you can identify which slide is next by dragging it. Otherwise, almost anything you do in StoryView to change program flow is wasted effort and can be VERY frustrating.  NOTE: In recent updates, if your jump triggers are set to Slide names instead of NEXT slide, you can drag a slide to a spot and its number will change, but its position won't.

 If you want to change program flow, find and change the triggers that control it.

I mention slides, but everything holds true for scenes, as well. If you want to change scene order, you can copy a scene, delete it, and paste it again. REMEMBER: it is the triggers that control program flow, not what you see in storyview.

Zeeee Veee

Hi Q van der,

Yes , I can see now and what I can make out is that you need to check with
triggers that you are applying while jumping form one scene to another

You need to apply two main triggers:Jump to next and Jump to previous.

In Jump to next, you can select the first slide of the scene where you wan
to jump to.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chetana and Q, 

It looks like you're both all set, but I did want to share some information here in regards to the story view set up and as Walt said, what you see there, is not a reflection of how the course triggers and the jump from slide to slide. 

Also, here are directions on how to import the project from one .story file into another. 

Q van der Meer

Hey Walt, Chetana and Ashley,

I've done the next and previous triggers to get to the right flow. This works for getting the story line right. But, when I set a trigger to the first quiz question, the numbers change. 

When I publish the course as SCORM, the navigation menu shows the structure by numbers. The triggers work, they will go to the right slide. But since the navigation menu structure isn't the same as the course flow, je menu jumps up / down trough the numbers. 

Don't know how to explain this more clearly... 

But it works for now! So, thanks!




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