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Jul 12, 2012


I'm running into a bit of a strange issue that I didn't see covered on the forum.

I've got a Storyline project which contains a recording from a meeting. When I publish locally, I have no issue playing the recording; however, when I copy the files to a server for distribution on our network, the video doesn't appear and all I get is a white background, no audio, and no ability to start it. What makes it stranger, is that if I go into the \story_content\ folder, I can play the raw video directly from the server without an issue.

Is there something I'm missing with references to the video, or in the publishing process? Or is there a length limitation?

Really appreciate the help!


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Andrew Elder

Welcome to Storyline, Zack! Length isn't the problem, it's how you're accessing the content over the server. Just curious, what method are you using? Terminal or Citrix server? The best way to distribute the content is to publish your course using one of the many built-in options (web, iPad/iOS, LMS, etc). If you don't have a web page to host it on, you can always use Dropbox or similar service.

To use Dropbox: Compile your story using one of the publishing methods (ie: Web) and copy the entire folder to a public Dropbox folder. Once that's done, use the Public link  to share with the world. Give that a try and see if that'll work for you.

Zack Rhoades

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for your reply. I'll have to look into how the connection is established, I assume terminal. I did find a workaround by just posting the entire thing on a share point site and having our learners access it from there. Since it is a topic of proprietary nature we had to keep it behind a firewall. We've got about 250 active users so it seemed to be a decent fix, but I wasn't sure what would have caused that other issue. 

Thanks for the reply.


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