Cornerstone Transcript Status Complete for Failed Course

We are having an issue with our courses published in Storyline 360.

When a user passes or fails the quiz, their transcript status in Cornerstone is Complete.  Cornerstone allows you to look at the 'Module status' and it does accurately report that it is failed.  CSOD is giving a certificate of completion for failed modules because the transcript status is 'complete'  Has anyone seen this issue and does anyone know how to get transcript status to show failed?  Of course Cornerstone is saying this is a publish setting...

  • Publish Settings:
    • Track using quiz result
    • SCORM 2004 2nd ed.
    • Reporting status: Passed/failed
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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for that additional information and letting us know it's your specific LMS, Tom. We have many CSOD users here in the forums, so hopefully, someone will be able to chime in and help you out here. You can find many of them subscribed to this conversation if you don't hear back soon.

Have you reached out to CSOD to see if they can assist as well?