Could we import MS Word File to Articulate Storyline 360 like the way we do for Power Point

Aug 06, 2018


I had exported/converted Storyline file to MS WORD, the rationale of doing it was to amend the fonts for all slides and then import it back in Storyline.

After the conversion, Storyline file had Translations , not too sure on what do I do to import it back to storyline.

I had changed the font type in MS word. Could anyone help me with the following queries:

A. Is there a option to import a MS word file to Storyline.

B.Though I changed the font, would the new font change be considered while importing the file into storyline.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandeep,

If you followed the steps here to export a Storyline file for Translation, you can follow the additional steps mentioned to import in that Word file into your existing Storyline course.

Any changes you made to the words or the font will carry over in the import. 

This import of a Word file will only work for the course in which the translation file was exported from. Let me know if you need anything else! 

sandeep sainani

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for your response , I appreciate it.

Based on the input I changed the font in Ms word by extracting the file in MS word. I thereafter went through the link provided above and I tried importing MS word file in storyline, however there seems to be no action in Storyline. It says " Importing Translation " , and is not moving to the next step.

I went to the Translation and selected the import option.

I have shared the error screen-shot for your reference, could you kindly glance and advise the next course of action that I could take.

sandeep sainani

Hello Phil,

Thanks for your response.

I tried going to replace function for my project and could view that there are various fonts been used as seen in the attachment below. Therefore, If I need to use only One font, is there is a option in storyline which would enable me to change the font on each slide at once.

Please refer to the below attachment and kindly advise.

sandeep sainani

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for your response, please find my response in line to your questions:

let me know what version of Storyline and Word you're using!

A. MS WORD Version 2016

B. Storyline 1 Version

I tried again this morning to export the storyline in MS word through translation, the same issue cropped again.

Could you please advise. I have attached the screenshot for  your reference, I can't view the progress of the button changing it color to blue when it is getting processed.



sandeep sainani

Hello Phil,

Thanks for your updates, appreciate your help.

Indeed there are lots of fonts being used in the same project and therefore as per your advise and instruction in order to standardize the whole project with a single selection of font, I got to fist select each font as shown in the png file above and replace it with the common font which would be used across the file.

Hope that is the only option.


sandeep sainani

Hello Alyssa,

Sorry for the late reply!

Thanks for the information, I was able to successfully upload the translation file and received the congratulations message as well. However, I need to check with you once the word file has been imported how am I able to view the imported file with the slides, scene in Story line.

Please advise

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