Nov 12, 2014


I am trying to set up a storyline file that shows a layer ever time a button is clicked 4 times.

I have set up a counter variable that changes every time the button is clicked but don't know how to set up the show layer function.

Any ideas?

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Andrew Taylor

Sorry I should have explained a bit better.


I am trying to make a game like this

So you just have to find the link between the names that you are given. So a user would click 4 names and see if they link to the correct category.


So basically at the moment I have 8 buttons (or 8 names). I need it so that the program does the following thing.


-When a user selects 4 buttons the system checks if they are the correct 4 linked names

-If not then the buttons reset.

-If they are correct then they are disabled and it explains why they are linked.


Hope this makes sense



Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrew

here is a sample in SL1.  Wasn't sure if you clicked 1 button 4 times and got a layer, then clicked another button 4 times and got another layer.

Anyway this should help you work out the triggers you need - shout out if you need more help

 Just read your extra info...disregard my comment

Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrew

I think I know what you need but can't quite get there...see attached, if you get the 4 buttons correct it gives you the right layer, if you select the 4 definite incorrect ones, you get the incorrect layer, its the combination of some correct and incorrect that I can't get in my head...

I think there might be a game template somewhere that works like this - I'll see if I can track it down for you

Good luck...please post if you work it out

Wendy Farmer

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