Couple of bugs with fonts and unwanted triggers in feedbacks

May 03, 2013

Something has been happening with Storyline and I am wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this issues.

Firstly, though I have set up the templates in the layout and feedback masters, sometimes, when I copy and paste from Word, the font will convert to Tahoma even though I have set up the fonts to be Arial and the original font in my Word document is Calibri. Even if I try to apply the font from the Design tab to all slides, those text box will remain unchanged. I have to do them manually.

The second bug is with the quizzes. If I finish a quiz and save the project, and then amend any of the questions, two new triggers will be automatically added to any of the question feedback layers I touch. They basically are set to hide the layer and jump to the next slide when the timeline ends. Very, very annoying.

Has anyone experienced these and found a way around them?

Thanks very much!


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Mike Enders

Paco and Brian,

Sorry about the frustrations!  

We are aware of the font change on copy paste and are working on fixing.  As for the quiz triggers, is there a specific process that causes the extra triggers to appear?  I can't seem to recreate what you're seeing.

Note: You may see Jump to Next Slide when timeline ends appear if your slide properties are set to automatically advance.  You can find this in the slide properties by clicking on the gear icon on the base layer.  Or from Story view, look to the lower right.  If the slide is set to auto advance versus advance by user, then the trigger would say "When the timeline ends".

Brian McSkane

Hi Mike,

Right, it's definately to do with setting the quiz attempts to a fixed number of tries.  When you have unlimited attempts then it's ok.  However when you set the quiz to a fixed number of attempts then it adds in 2 layer triggers automatically to each of the 'Correct', 'Incorrect' and 'Try Again' layers - 'Hide layer (this later) when timeline ends' and also ''jump to next slide when the timeline ends'.  So when the timeline reaches the end then it obeys the 2 triggers and jumps to the next slide.  If you can please provide a fix that would be great.

Thanks, Brian

Mindy Redburn-Smoak

Hello. Our templates/players are set up to advance by user so we get two triggers added - Hide Layer and Jump to Next Slide (when the user clicks the button on the Incorrect and Correct layers) when adding quiz questions. The jump to next slide is typically what we want. The interesting thing is Articulate automatically puts a trigger in to Hide the layer first. In a few instances of converting over older courses we have found that if hiding the layer happens first sometimes on the 2nd try the Next button trigger doesn't trigger. This could be several reasons - maybe server speed, loading speed of the slide, etc.? I don't know. Has anyone experienced this issue? If the state of the slide is reset to initial state when revisited is it even necessary to hide the layer? Is it more helpful if you resume saved state? Is anyone else having issues with this? We aren't all the time, and are on occasion where we have to go remove the Hide Layer trigger. Why is that trigger first and why is it automatically built into quiz interactions?

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Mindy.  You hit the nail on the head - the "hide layer" trigger is there to let learners see the original quiz question upon revisiting the slide, like in quiz review mode, rather than the feedback layer.

If you have the slide to reset to the initial state, the slide will reset and you wouldn't need the trigger to hide the layer.  Resetting the slide will also wipe out the answers, so you'll want to consider the use case for when learners will be revisiting quiz slides.

Let me know what you think, and maybe we can noodle on what to do next.  🍜

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