Couple of interaction audio questions

Jan 03, 2017

I have an interaction where audio clips are triggered by clicking on-screen shapes but I don't want two audio clips playing simultaneously. Is there a way to prevent the learner from clicking another shape until the previous audio clip has ended?

Also, I have a "checking your progress" voiceover bit I want to come in at some point during the interaction, but again I don't want it to play over an audio clip that may already be playing. How might I accomplish this?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Chris

if the user is clicking shapes in an order, you could disable the next shape until media completes on the previous shape.

Alternatively, you could add each audio clip to a layer. 

Depends on how your file is set up what works best. If you able to share your story file or just a couple of slides - someone will surely try and help you.


Walt Hamilton

Simplest is what Wendy suggested; put each clip on a layer, and set each layer to close others.

If you put nothing on the layer, the user can click on a new shape, the current clip will stop, and the new one will start.

If you cover the layer with a filled shape with transparency set to 100% and a trigger to close it when the media completes, the user cannot click on another shape until the audio ends.

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