Course Autostart vs Play button

Dec 17, 2019


I am in process of updating some older courses from flash published to html5 published.  Nothing special, just opening and republishing.  Though the process is working fine, I have 1 course that once launched from my LMS autoplays.  I have another course, with the exact same published settings, same browser, but when launched, displays the ugly play arrow that must be clicked in order to start.  I feel like it is a setting someone.  Any ideas?



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Steve Flowers

Hey Justin - 

This is applied to the published output whenever audio or video is contained in a slide sequence (or the first slide) in order to get around browsers blocking audio without the user clicking in a page. 

It's ugly. One way around this is to move audio out of the first slide and make sure there's a user action to advance to slides that contain media. 

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