Course completing inconsistently in Meridian LMS

Feb 20, 2014

My team recently got Storyline, so we are very inexperienced with it. We are testing a storyline course in our lms in Chrome, IE, and Firefox. We have had sporadic success with getting a course to complete successfully and consistently in all three browsers (in versions supported by the lms).

The course has open, and the course is set to complete based on the results slide of the quiz. We set the value for the success trigger as 80. I'm not certain we set it up correctly.

My colleague just tried in IE 8, and it still shows her as having started it.

I just tested in Firefox 27 and IE 11, and I was able to  complete; however, Chrome did not complete.

What are we missing? This course needs to be assigned 3/3 at the very latest. Any help would be appreciated!

Our users are on a wide range of browsers, which makes this all difficult to keep track of ...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

I'd begin by reviewing the troubleshooting steps outlined here in regards to tracking and reporting within the LMS. Specifically I'd recommend testing the course at SCORM Cloud within all the browsers you mentioned to help narrow down if the issue is specific to your LMS or the Storyline file, or the browser. If the course works as expected in SCORM Cloud you'll want to connect with your LMS team. If the behavior persists, can you share the Storyline course with us? 

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